Predict the Trend: 2020 Fashion Trends

2019 has been a good year for Fashion; from the bum bags, to the play with colors, et Al, we’ve watched fashion evolve.

Just like the weather Forecast man, we are here to give you a heads up on upcoming trends for 2020!

Here are five trends to look out for in 2020 Fashion.

1. Lines/Stripes
Like Wizkid said “Everywhere Stew!” Come 2020, prepare for “Everywhere Stripes and lines” 😁.

There was a massive play with lines (horizontal lines, vertical lines, boxes, etc) at the just concluded Fashion shows.

2. Monochromes

Monochromes are ever classy and never out of style.

They exude Elegance and Timelessness which 2020 is going to be about.

3. Beige/Brown

Everything Brown, Everything Beige.
Beige is a color to look out for.

It’s Classy, daring and will be a must have come 2020.

4. Color Blocking

The more the merrier. Color Blocking is here to stay.
The rules have been broken and everyone is going all out.

There are no limits anymore when combining colors.
Just blind us!! 2020 we are coming for you!

5. Capes

Become your own Superhero because capes are going to take over.
They add a lot of drama and unconventionality to a look. I know you want to be the trend so go get your capes ready!

Other trends to look out for includes Metallics, Polka dots, corsets as outerwear and shoulder Pads.

What trends do you want to see in 2020?

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